Creating an Account in WordPress

Please follow these steps to create “only” an account in WordPress after you have received an invitation from our Blog or when you are subscribing from our page. Do not follow this tutorial if you want to create a blog.

1)  If you have received an invitation via email, open the email and click on Accept Activation.


2) Chances are, if you are reading this, you do not have a WordPress account. If you do, enter your credentials and you should be good to go. If you don’t click on the Register link to continue.

3) On the right side click on the link “signup for just a username”

4) Enter the information required. Make sure your password is strong; In order to make it strong try using a combination of special characters, uppercase letters, lower case letters and numbers. Once you are done entering the information click the Sign up button.

5)  At this point  just enter your first name, last name and click Save Profile then head to your email account.

6) Go to your email and look for the email with subject  [WordPress] Activate  username

7) Click on the Activate Account.

8) Click on your username on the top, right side.

9) Click on Edit My Profile.

10) You will be prompted to Log In. Use the WordPress Username and Password you just created.

11) This is your dashboard. Now let’s try adding your picture.

12) On the top right side, click on your username and select Edit My profile.

13) On the right side click on the link Change your Gravatar.

14) For this tutorial we will be uploading the image from your computer. Click on the link Upload a new image from your computer.

15) Click on the Choose File, select the picture and then click the Next button.

16) Here you will crop and save your photo. Once you made the selection click on the Crop and Finish button.

17) You are required to RATE your picture. Select the rating by clicking the correct one from the options provided.

18) Once you are done with your picture, you will be brought back to this screen.

19) From My Account  select Edit My Profile and complete it.  ( optional )

20)  Once you are done entering the information and have clicked on the Save Profile button,  click on the X on the top right side to exit

21) You will be brought back to the profile screen from WordPress. If you do not see your picture or any information you have updated, try refreshing the page by pressing F5 or by hitting the refresh button from your browser. You should be able to see something like this but with your information.

22) At this point you have successfully registered with WordPress.  Now we will go back to you email and look for the invitation with the subject “certsclub invited you to become a……..”  

23) Now click on the Accept Invitation button again.

24) Your Dashboard will look something like this. If it prompts you to log in, just do it to get to this screen.

I hope this has been useful. Thanks for taking the time to follow this tutorial.

Nino Chavez


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