Club Meeting Recap

Hello fellow club and prospective members, today the club met at 5pm at in Room 111 to discuss elections, upcoming workshops and events. We also had an alumni member of the club who gave tips on the CCNA exam. In addition there were considerations to change memberships requirements and fees.

Stay tuned for more updates.


2 comments on “Club Meeting Recap

  1. Regarding the things that were discussed were the omission of yealy dues. I for one feel they are needed to facilitate present and future activities that would not be able to happen if we did not have the funds. For example, I believe we have enough money in the club bank to purchase a second Test simumlation such as A+ or Security+. The money to do this came from yearly dues. I propose that we vote to continue yearly dues with this argument entered as an example of a benefit in continuing the dues.

  2. The officers and directors who attended the meeting yesterday silently nominated themselves as candidates for their respective offices last night. There was no noination for the Vice President nor Secretary. March 3rd elections will take place. As there are no one opposing their present positions it is virtually a certainty that the present officials will be serving a second term.

    The club needs to consider the possibility of moving forward without a club Secretary and Vice President unless other plans are made.

    We voted on a Club Constitution and set of Bylaws to govern ourselves by. It needs to by acknowledged, implemented, maintained and managed as it was meant to be.

    To date the issues that will be voted on in the next meeting will be: to continue or not continue yealy dues of $25 and to vote on who will hold the offices of Secretary,
    Treasurer, Vice President and President (there are no opposing candidates regarding specific offices mentioned earlier, suggesting that these positions have been filled accordingly)


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