IP Subnetting Workshops

The three Saturday sequence workshops are under way…

For the past two Saturdays we have assisted to the Devry University Miramar Campus, to receive IP subnetting tutorials, so far we have talked about how the OSI model relates to the TCP/IP, what IP address format looks like, the three usable classes of addresses, public vs private addresses and more…

We have also practiced on VLSM by using examples and exercises from CCNA exploration Labs and Study Guide. We have determine the number of subnets needed, the number of hosts needed, we have design appropriate addressing scheme, assign addresses and subnet mask to pairs to device interface and host and examine the use of available network address space.

Don’t miss it this final Saturday where we will go over hands-on training on Cisco Routers and Switches Configuration.

It all starts at 10:30 am, Room 112.

See you there.